When I'm old aunt ...

Inessa Beloborodko.

When I'm old aunt
And an evil bitch for sure,
The nightmarish run-flat pantyhose,
Also slightly crazy,

When I'm going to go with a stick,
Scratching his hooked nose,
With the old faded wool
On his head instead of hair,

He was coming to me unexpectedly
My long awaited prince -....,
My pure beauty.

Only he would look at me with one eye open,
And lost the ardor of love ...
He mumbled: "Contagion!
Bastard! Where you used to be? »

And he put in a glass jaw,
Sigh, mumbled, iknet:
Mumbled quietly, "My charm!»
And legs like a bag, fall.

"I came to you, suffering torment,
And many feats accomplished,
I'm saving up gold and jewels,
And collecting the crumbs of knowledge.

And now you deserve!
Now pryntsessa, all yours! »
Ah, the old bald warrior stupid!
And what do we do, e-mine?

In this little horror
Morality, we still find:
As long as you can - LOVE!
And after prYntsev wait!

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