10 films that are useful to look at pairs

Kinoterapiya - a new hip replacement family psychologist. Sometimes it is very useful to look at the part that the challenges faced by other couples, and draw conclusions.

Website publishes the 10 films that will help the family and relax people and build relationships.


Two lovers who really do not fit together. Life separates them all the time, the road to happiness is hard, but it is written in the diary. And in his later years he remains the only memory of what happened between them. Beautiful romantic story of eternal love.

Mr. and Mrs. Smit

John and Jane - ordinary, unremarkable couple from the suburbs, which is the same gray, unremarkable life. They married not so long, but already tired of their marriage. They think they know everything about each other. However, it appears that each of them is hiding something, for his other half would have just killed. From now on, all their actions are crucial to the final act: to determine for themselves whether they are necessary to each other.

Most svadba

The comedy about a wedding that turns into chaos. For the past 20 years, Griffin wife can not stand each other, but not to spoil the privacy of their common son Jared, it seems, seriously intends to marry, they agree in every way to portray a happy family. No one, even in a nightmare could not imagine who would be the chosen one of their son.

Sweet noyabr

Once upon a time in 1968, it was already a film by Robert Ellis Miller on the play by Herman Rauchera. The new ribbon in a modern household puts accents, but still tells the poignant story of a sentimental, which have a particularly heart of spectator, loving light cry tears over the sad but spectacular denouement.


Jack Campbell breaks up with his first love Keith Reynolds and flies to London. After 13 years, he became a successful businessman, owner of a large company. On Christmas Eve, Jack meets a black stranger, and in the morning ... waking up in a strange house in the same bed with Kate. Jack realizes that he is no longer a businessman, he has a very ordinary job and all other life. The fate of the strange stranger gave him to choose what it is more expensive - career or family.

Life as it est

The first meeting of Holly and Eric looked like a disaster. These two are obviously not suited to each other. They are united only goddaughter Sophie - baby daughter of their friends. When the baby's parents die in an accident, Holly and Eric are forced to live together, as they are now - guardians of the girls. Adults who are accustomed to think only of themselves, must work together and take care of the child.

Yours, Mine and nashi

Coast Guard Admiral Frank Beardsley after his wife moved to New London, where he meets his new love - widowed designer Helen North. Love at first sight inflames and logically concludes the wedding, but - here's the thing - the "young" have children from his first marriage - 8 people! Yes, and "young" with "dowry" - his 10 children. How to get along with each other two camps radically different orders?

The story of nas

It is difficult to maintain for 15 years the same passion as the first day. Ben and Katie have been together through thick and thin, and, of course, those years great cooled their relationship, but they are both determined to be together and fight for his family, despite the accumulated resentment and irritation. The search for compromise and quarrels, separation and reunification - loving hearts the strength to cope with all the tests.

The Mirror Has Two litsa

Two professors at Columbia University, and Gregory Rose, meet singles through section in the newspaper. He is convinced that all life's problems stem from sex. Therefore he believes that the need to create a marriage where everything is based on intellectual intimacy. She lives with her elderly mother and is about to remain a spinster. Therefore, she accepts his proposal of marriage, or rather the mind. And now they are married, and love is not. What to do?

When a man loves zhenschinu

They were the perfect family, he - a dashing pilot, it is - a hard worker in high office; two wonderful daughters growing up ... Michael thought he knew all about his wife, and life is beautiful. They reveled in their happiness, but suddenly discovered that Alice is a mystery ... At first, the mother of a family fiercely resists this, but she had to leave the family and go to the hospital for rehabilitation. At this difficult time, Michael tries to unite his family, but whether it will be able to sustain such a test?

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