As dogs get older. Curious and touching photo project

Amanda Jones, the last 20 years dedicated to the photo project to show how fleeting life of our beloved pets. Here's a frisky puppy, but he has a dozen transfer any second. Some have not changed much in appearance, others have seen the gray hair and eyes - a reflection of past years. They age faster than we can, so the photo shoot turned a touching and a little sad.

Website know how many years have passed, one thing remains constant - the joy of communicating with the dog.

Corbet - 2 years and 11 let

Bruce - 1 year and 10 let

Mac - 1 year and 7 let

Fred - 2 years and 10 let

Cooper - 3 years and 10 let

Kayden and Brody - 11 months and 5 years; 7 years and 12 let

Audrey - 3 years and 12 let

Rufus - 6 months and 13 let

Cindy and Savannah - 16 months and 5 months; 10 and 9 let

Maddie - 5 years and 10 let

Abigail - 5 months and 8 let

Lily - 8 months and 15 let

Maddie and Ellie - 7 and 6 years; 14 and 13 let

Author of the project: Amanda Jones

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