This couple tired of questioning about the children and answered all brilliant photoshoot

Newlyweds Matt and Abby felt that the best way to stop questioning the relatives of when they zavedut child - is to hold a photo shoot with their little newborn puppy Humphrey. We are in the Website think it came out very cool!

This idea came photographer Elisha (Elisha Minnette), when it together with the guys took away a puppy from a breeder.

During the photo shoot a couple doing the same things that make the young parents, photographed with his newborn malyshom.

"We Abby just a crazy fantasy and great sense of humor, we constantly feed off each other's different ideas," - said Elisha.

"The shooting took place a lot of fun! And the puppy seems to be enjoying the attention and care that we provided to him ».

"We did this photo shoot for fun, to have fun with each other and those who have a sense of humor similar to our» .

Photographer: Elisha Minnette
via: Buzzfeed



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