10 detectives are excellent train the brain

If you want to relax a bit, but, say, even pootgadyvat mysteries of human nature, a good detective - the right decision.

Website interesting films took 10 for thought. For a start - remove fingerprints.

Heart angelaAngel Heart, 1987

Mystical detective who is intriguing from the start and keeps in suspense until the end. A Game of Shadows, the sounds of a saxophone and other symptoms accompany noir story about the search for a missing debtor. On the way detectives one after another rise eerie mysteries.

PomniMemento 2000

Leonard Shelby is looking for the murderer of his wife. The matter is complicated by the fact that due to the head injury he suffers from short term memory loss. The young man remembers everything alone until the day of the murder. The rest of the memory can only hold for 15 minutes. We have to go to all kinds of tricks to somehow keep the thoughts and at the same time move forward with the investigation.

10 negrityat

Ten people with a bad conscience were on an island. Apart from these, there is nobody there. On the table - black figures Little Indians, in each bedroom - a poem on the wall. "Ten Little Indians decided to dine at one of them suddenly choked, and then there were nine." Man dies - negro figure disappears ... To understand who the killer is, we must look very carefully at the details.

ZodiakZodiac 2007

Detectives are looking for a maniac killer that is 25 years keeps at bay the entire San Francisco. Maniac named Zodiac not only loves to kill, and he loves to play cat and mouse with the investigators, and not all of them can withstand such pressure.

This detektivTrue Detective, 2014 - 2015

Stylishly shot series consists of two seasons. In every season its plot and characters. In the first case of the two detectives who investigate a strange murder in the provincial areas of Louisiana. Bit by bit they gather an overall picture that is slowly but surely leading them to a head. In the second season, viewers are waiting for new characters and an intriguing story on the other 8 series.

Mysterious putMystery Road, 2013

Leisurely and atmospheric movie was filmed in Australia - the action takes place in the distant landscape of the continent. Police investigating the murder of aboriginal girls, faced with the reluctance of colleagues to solve the crime, the indifference of the locals and very unpleasant discoveries.

Hunters razumomMindhunters 2004

On the remote island of the seven future FBI agents are a crucial test. They should be able for the smallest clues and information to make any psychological profile of the perpetrator. But suddenly ceases to be a test of the game, when the first of the agents killed. Wonderful "puzzling" a film that does not give the viewer a chance to catch his breath.

LA Confidential AndzhelesaL.A. Confidential, 1997

The cunning plot, sunny Los Angeles 50s, beautiful and charming Kim Basinger Russell Crowe - the result is a very beautiful atmospheric film. Two brave police officers who are investigating a series of murders, reveal the secrets of the legendary city of crime.


As strange as it may sound, but this otvyazny, through the mystical thriller, in essence, a real detective. To understand why, it is necessary to carefully watch it from beginning to end. Especially since the film is shot very well, the picture is beautiful, cheerful characters and an unexpected ending.

The girl with a tattoo drakonaMän som hatar kvinnor, 2009

The Swedish version of "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" in contrast to the US is not as glossy. It's a film about ordinary people, a number which sometimes live scoundrels. Storylines in the film somewhat, and all of them are organically woven into a single chain, which has a value of each, even the smallest link.

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