Mom in the decree - it will not work ?!

I hear this phrase: "Sitting at home with the kids - it does not work." And it annoys me terribly. I - "home" mom, who herself to educate their children, and I'll tell you now.

You're absolutely right: it is not a job. Why does everyone think that the leave to care for children and work from 9 to 18 can be compared? No you can not. The truth is that these two things were not even close.

usually at work ...

No one is breaking into your toilet
At lunch time it is not necessary to prepare for the Chief pyureshki
In your spare time you read the news in social networks
No one puts his fingers in the outlet
It is not necessary to separate the combatants colleagues
The chief did not wake you up three times a night
Yes, you are right to stay home with a child - it's not working. Do not get me wrong, I'm madly in love with their children. But it's harder than work. It's more than a job! And to all those who believe that "home" mom all day and only does that rest, I want to say one thing: Go to ... !!! And any mother support me.

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