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A picture can say more than a thousand the most beautiful and touching words. Website gathered for you is such impressive pictures taken in different parts of the globe.

Not a single frame will not leave you indifferent. They are full of goodness, love, compassion, courage, beauty - just what life is so beautiful. Yes, there is pain and injustice, but it is worth it.

Dreams come true: Dad really wanted two synovey67e6c584b3.jpg

Infinite tenderness

Love, which is not described slovami08d860a297.jpg

Change pokoleniy33ae48c3bd.jpg

6 generations in one photo: the girl at the age of 111 years and 7 months.

The people I was born d84ea75a61.jpg

Our moms - they takie7e0149fbb5.jpg

Patience parents limitless. Pochti41dd9ed2fc.jpg

Live by your heart, and let osuzhdayutaa6dca522e.jpg

One tablet, and how much happiness! ca8406a88d.jpg

The sweetest in the world potseluy34d6bfeae6.jpg

Happy gody13c9c7ef34.jpg

A man comes to the bench in the park, which previously often rested with his beloved wife.

Eternal predannostc1e5df70ed.jpg

Dog sad at the tomb owner - Adam Kahn was killed in action Jan. 5, 2006 in Ramadi (Iraq).


Soviet soldiers before the Battle of Kursk - one of the most important and decisive in the Second World War (reconstruction of pictures of military archives).

Pain poteri54495cb198.jpg

A man from Sichuan (China) crying family album found among the debris of his house after an earthquake.

Daily small podvigb0e3a70f1e.jpg

Two volunteer teachers provide free lessons for poor children in New Delhi, India.

Meeting with those who have no hope uvidete1b6e3a8c9.jpg

Captured soldiers after World War II returned home. Daughter last saw my father, when she was a year.

Sometimes life - a real vyzove657d69b4b.jpg

Fight for vyzhivanie47f8ba7bb9.jpg

Agim Shal, a two-year boy, whose family passed through the barbed wire. Thousands of people during the bloody conflict in Kosovo were forced to leave their homes and flee to a refugee camp in the town of Kukes (north-east of Albania).

Test forces duha28f584d8a9.jpg

16-year-old settler Inet Neely one resists dozens of police officers who were ordered to the Israeli authorities to eliminate the illegal outposts.


Fire koala watered during a drought, which led to forest fires in Australia in 2009.

Friends are always prompt the faithful put8e7732db18.jpg

When it does not matter on what you storone6d1995d353.jpg

There is always someone who is waiting for your pomoschi0e4282d9e7.jpg

Man saves puppies during the floods in the Philippines.

Humanity more pobedy2c6fef90d9.jpg

When 88 years old wanted to throw a wedding buketddc351e82b.jpg

Sunshi Tsonhan and Wu have been married 88 years, but they did not have the wedding and pictures in their wedding clothes. Finally, they made it.

Our children will go on nasab02689b59.jpg

Sunset life d1cd615f45.jpg

Santa says goodbye to his grandson.

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