Useful things that will come to the aid of the hostess. 20 exclusive tips!

Pursuing thorough cleaning, the disorder can be seen even in the net at first sight, places. There are a number of little things that we usually do not pay attention - they can spoil the picture of a cozy home and tucked under the arm is not very timely. We offer you 20 tips from observational housewives who know how to keep track of things, and the house - nothing will be missed! In time to remember one of our advice, we use the association. Reading something interesting, imagine the picture for which catches the eye - it will help remember the information much better.

1. To clean copper Turks use the ketchup! It perfectly removes even thick coating of soot, and dishes will shine like new.

2. Easy to sharpen knives can be using a conventional plug.

3. Always clean shoes not before leaving the house, and on his return home from the street. Dirt and dust will not stain the floor, the other shoes, furniture. And it's nice when you meet the morning clean shoes!

4. If you are going to clean the vegetables, which are highly stain the skin and contribute to its darkening, pre-moisten the hands of vinegar.

5. To clear the walnuts from the shell, dry them in the oven for a few minutes.

6. grease stains from fabric is very easy to remove with the help of powder. Emptying the fresh powder on the spot - it will quickly disappear.

7. Remember: dishes, stained test, dairy products and eggs, well-washed in cold water only. In hot water will be curtailed protein, stick to the surface and will give you a lot of extra hassle.

8. If the shoe unpleasant smells, wipe it in hydrogen peroxide.

9. When looking for small objects lost - earring, buttons, beads, rivets - help the vacuum cleaner. Pull on the hose nylon stocking and pass it on the floor, including a vacuum cleaner. A small little thing must exist!

10. If the drawer is felt unpleasant odor even after you washed it thoroughly, leave it there for a couple of tablets of activated charcoal. Coal absorbs musty smell.

11. From the rust on the blades will help to get rid of the usual raw onion.

12. Sushi umbrella just in limbo and semi-enclosed form - so the fabric will not stretch, port and skip moisture.

13. Wax candle will not sag, if you soak before use in salt water.

14. Small pieces easy to assemble with the help of wet cotton wool.

15. If the milk escaped quickly grist polluted place on a plate with salt and cover with wet paper. This will avoid unpleasant odors around the house, and it will be easier to remove the stain from the surface of the plate.

16. If the wall has a fingerprint Sketch of white chalk. A few minutes Wipe with a damp cloth - from the prints will be over!

17. Rubber gloves will help to get rid of the ubiquitous pet hair - just swipe with wet gloves on the furniture or carpet.

18. cat litter will very quickly dry wet shoes - generous mound of it inside, the moisture is absorbed quickly.

19. Bottle with vegetable oil is always fat - oil flows along the walls, as if you are pushing it or pouring. Greasy hands too often stain the bottle. To keep a bottle of oil neat and not to spoil her kitchen furniture, erecting a special tie cuffs of napkins. This tie is appropriate to be used for bottles of wine.

20. Always start with cleaning the dirtiest place in the house, gradually moving to a cleaner area. So you quickly deal with the problem and do not get tired at once - the apparent result of the motivation to continue!

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