'Friends' then and now ... How they have changed!

In the mid-90s on the screens, a new TV series, actors who probably did not even know that the project will receive worldwide fame. I'm of course talking about the TV series "Friends." Adventures of the famous six, their love interests and just ordinary everyday problems, seasoned with unsurpassed humor captivate so that a huge number of people reviewing this creation again and again. It has repeatedly said that sooner or later, the screens will feature film, loosely based on the TV series "Friends." Rumor has it that the last of it came from, but there is absolutely no reliable information about it is not. And while we're waiting, edition invites you to see how the actors have changed over time, the series "Friends." I am prepared to have someone you can see in case of the so-called golden episode.

Joey - Matt Leblanc

Chandler - Matthew Perry

Ross - David Schwimmer

Rachel - Jennifer Aniston's

Phoebe - Lisa Kudrow

Monica - Courteney Cox

Gunther - James Michael Tyler

Janice - Maggie Wheeler

Jack and Judy Geller - Elliott Gould and Christina Pickles

Ben - Dylan and Cole Sprouse Cole (played by Ben when he grew up)

Emma - twins Cali and Noelle Sheldon (played in succession)

In my opinion, is not so important, it will be released feature film or not. The main thing is that all these people for many years gave us a smile and do it until now, because the jokes from the series "Friends" eternal. If you agree with me, then I share this material with your friends.

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