"Recipe Man": biologist has calculated the chemical formula of a man

Another discovery himikovVy, of course, know that H2O - is the chemical formula for water. What about the chemistry of our bodies?

Dr. Joe Henson, a writer and biologist from Austin, Texas, also thought about this issue and has now figured out what it is like the human body in terms of chemistry. He found that "human molecule" may consist of 375 million hydrogen atoms, oxygen atoms 132 million and 85 million carbon atoms. The "human molecule" only one atom of cobalt and molybdenum three molecules.

If we write a complete chemical formula of a molecule of the human body, then it will look like this:

Dr. Henson This formula reflects the chemical composition of the human body only at the moment of birth. During the life of the ratio given above elements is changing, and with age it appears the other elements, such as gold and heavy metals.

"Of the 98 naturally occurring chemical elements we need at least 30 different forms of life on Earth. In ancient times, people thought that everything in the universe consists of only four elements - earth, water, air and fire. Today, we know that everything is much more complicated. Living things are composed of cells, cells - of the molecules, the molecules - atoms. But the old idea, too, in a sense, is correct, because 97% of the mass of all living things actually consists of four chemical elements, "- said Dr. Henson.

And yet it is estimated that the average human body contains 16 kilograms of carbon and oxygen in it enough to fill a volume equivalent to 6 elephants. In addition, the hydrogen in the human body is enough to fill a volume equivalent to one blue whale, and nitrogen as much as is contained in 400 liters of urine.

The human body can be a source of income for those who decide that it's worth it. If the average person will retain all of their nails cut, then eventually will be able to extract from them the gold value of about one-tenth of US cent, said Dr. Henson.

"The body of an average adult found traces of 60 elements, mainly the result of our diet and the environment. If you select all the elements of your body in its purest form, the ingredients of a human life on the open market would be worth one or two thousand dollars. Of course, nothing like you can not do, but it gives an opportunity to look at life differently, "- he said.

via www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-3028890/Recipe-HUMAN-revealed-Biologist-calculates-chemical-formula-person.html


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