What scientists joked in 2015

Contrary to popular stereotypes, scientists are not boring as it sometimes seems. They have a great sense of humor, and they like to joke, and the intricate and very witty.

We are in the Website a whole year subtle jokes and clever people today represent the best of them.

Physics h3>

Mathematics h3>

Chemists h3>

Astronomers h3>

Biologists h3>

Botanists h3>

Developers h3>

Only 10 types of people: those who understand binary system, and those who do not understand.

Tester comes once in a bar.
Runs into a bar.
We climb into the bar.
Dancing, enters the bar.
Stolen in the bar.
Broke into a bar.
Jumping into the bar.

About all h3>

Physicists, mathematicians, and engineers were asked to calculate the volume of the red rubber ball.
Physicist ball dipped in a glass of water and measuring the volume of liquid displaced.
Mathematician measured the diameter of the ball, and calculated the triple integral.
The engineer took from the table "Table volume of red rubber balls" and found the desired value.

Ride Australian biologist, a physicist and mathematician and see on a hill grazing black sheep.
Biologist: "Look, Australia live black sheep».
Physicist: "No, you are wrong, a colleague in Australia, home to at least one black sheep».
Mathematician: "No, gentlemen, both of you are wrong: in Australia, home to at least one sheep, and at least on one side it is black».

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