The printer prints on crema

Until then doshlaKompaniya machinery from Israel pointed to SteamCC held in New York exhibition CE WEEK printer that can print on crema drawings of any complexity.

The new development is called Ripples. To select an image, you can use your smartphone. The app will help you find the library you are interested in drawing. For its application an extract of coffee beans, and the whole process takes less than ten seconds. At a special resource, you can also edit the original image or to offer their.

Printing food materials was possible before, but it was such a concept first proposed. Meanwhile, many of the technical aspects of the news behind the scenes. Now we only know that the device will cost $ 999, and its sales will start in September this year.

Previously, we recall, the British showed 3D-printer that prints food. Alas, the selection of food is limited and represents a kind of jelly different flavors and colors. Print used raspberry juice. All this is far from the only such development.



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