7 facts about canine devotion that will make you love dogs

Dog lovers can endlessly praise their pets, but these facts make thoughtful, even dog-haters. < 1. During the Second World War to demine the objects actively helped sappers trained dogs. One of them, nicknamed Djulbars found demining sites in European countries in the last year of the war more than 7,000 mines and more than 150 shells. Shortly before Victory Day parade in Moscow on June 24 Djulbars was injured and could not go to school part of military dogs. Then Stalin ordered the dog to carry on Red Square on his tunic.

2. In 1987, 15-year-old German shepherd named Gabi won the battle jaguar escaped from its cage in a zoo in Belgrade. A guard with two dogs made nightly rounds in the dark did not notice that the jaguar cage is empty. However, Gabi scented cat and rushed at her, despite the fact that the second dog ran away cowardly. This allowed the guard to call the police on the phone that failed to catch the jaguar and was forced to shoot him to protect people. Gabi in combat received numerous injuries, but has been successfully operated on and returned to work at the zoo.

3. In the old days, before the widespread mechanization in English homes used the labor of dogs running in a wheel, thereby rotating spits on which the meat is baked. For this work, specially bred and long-bodied dogs korotkolapyh.

4. Dogs can diagnose the disease by various forms of cancer in the early stages. This was proved by Japanese scientists, trained for this purpose, a female Labrador. Despite the fact that the problem was compounded by the presence of the test portion of patients of benign tumors or intestinal diseases, the dog 95% of successfully coped with the definition of cancer samples for respiratory and 98% - by feces samples.

5. Guide dogs can be trained to support not only people. The Englishman Graham Vespa served povodyrёm dog Edward, but he went blind after cataract development. Weesp did not part with the dog and asked for another. Now guide Opal helps to move not only the man but also the old guide Edward.

6. A dog named Faith was born without one front paw, and the second she had to be amputated. Despite this, the dog went out and learned to move only on its hind legs. And then her mistress began to demonstrate the ability of Faith in hospitals, where the US military were treated with severe injuries, thus inspiring and supporting veterans. For these merits Faith given the rank of sergeant US Army.

7. In ancient China Pekingese used for self-defense. Little dogs fit easily into the sleeve. In case of danger, they jumped out and rushed to the offender.

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