10 facts about animals, showing that the world - a strange place

You could live without blood? And some people on this planet can! About the strangeness of the world's animals, see below. < 1. All clown fish are born males and females are later, if necessary.

2. In sea stars no blood. Their bodies are filled with water.

3. Pigs can scream louder than a jet engine, which is why at distributing their farmers have difficulty hearing.

4. Chameleons change color depending on their own feelings, rather than masking.

5. Skin hippos makes sunblock, so they can lie in the sun all day.

6. howler monkey - loudest overland creature on the planet. She can be heard five kilometers.

7. At full speed the ostrich is able to outrun a horse.

8. Galapagos tortoises can live up to 150 years and throughout the whole year without food and water.

9. ¬ęThe song" blue whale extends one and a half thousand kilometers under water.

10. Seahorses - the only creatures on the planet, in which the males are hatching offspring. In addition, they are the slowest fish in the ocean.

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