12 scientifically proven facts about how useful to be a bitch

The site says: bitch had a bad reputation because people are afraid of them. And as to be a bitch "undesirable", those bears that label with pride - the strongest!

Bitch - it's a bad social status. That, however, is fraught with a lot of non-obvious advantages. People may hate you, but you - a real queen, and deep down you know it. And the haters ... They always have someone to hate.

1. You do not condemn "harmful" lyudey.V not waste your time trying to see him in the company of ugly girlfriends that constantly make you feel shit IOM. You know that such "benevolent" girl - really toxic people who only deplete your self-esteem and mental resources.

You do not let anyone manipulate you. Especially for people who do not bring your life joy or meaning. So you do not care that there they think of you. You do not think about them at all!

2. Science says that the strong language useful for zdorovyaMat and abusive expressions allow to relieve stress. It is proved that they have a therapeutic effect. Studies have shown that people who refrain from abusive expressions often experience stress and sharper than the foul-mouthed.
Well, and plus, you do not doubt that whatever you say, you will be noticed and heard.

3. You do not let yourself get bogged down deep in their emotsiyahVy never use force and do not press on pity. You just do not an emotional person, like everyone else.

People sometimes understand you correctly say heartless. But in their judgments and actions you just prefer to rely on logic, not emotion. There is nothing worse than thinking you than liters of tears and sentimental months of suffering.

4. All your friends - realistyLyudi constantly afraid of missing something. You are not afraid. And your friends are not afraid.

Because you know that the main thing in life - to keep common sense. Unfortunately, the realists are not so many, so the range of your communication is not very wide. But you know, that are surrounded by appropriate people. In our time, it also means a lot.

5. You never hide your emotsiiEmotsii - this is known, the ability to relieve stress. Those who prefer their clogging, causing great harm to their health. The habit of suppressing their feelings shortens life and even increases the chance of developing cancer by 70%.

As a real bitch, you always say what you feel, and nothing ever hide from others. And I do not care what they think. You just prolong your life!

6. Your bitchiness makes you deal with samokritikoyVy - biggest critic to himself. Your opinion - the only thing that matters to you. So no surprises: you spend a lot of time in a state of reflection.

You go to the gym more frequently than others and spend more time on their appearance. You - the number one priority for itself. If someone thinks that because of that you - a bitch, so be it!

7. You will enrich your vocabulary umVash full of huge amount of wild idioms. Since you often offend other people, you know: the word - the most powerful weapon.

And there's a big difference between being just smart and clever bitch. With all sorts of clever bitch idiots prefer not to get involved.

8. Do you always speak situatsieyVashi friends appreciate your opinion. Do you know why? Because you have the gift - to adequately assess the situation and environment. And if it is depressing, then why engage in self-deception?

This is your quality allows you to quickly find a way out of difficult situations, to keep everything under control, and follow your heart. You incredibly hard to get to do what you do not like.

9. You are absolutely samostoyatelnyVy not waste your precious energy on it, to be someone who you do not want to be, for the sake of others. Do you love yourself, because you do have the right to decide what to do with my life.

People usually do not like it, but that's their problem. Are you comfortable with itself. And that's fine!

10. You do not postareeteChuvstvo humor, realism and taking care of yourself doing their job! Because you care about yourself more than others, you get older and certainly much slower than most.

And you always laugh when someone talks about their wrinkles. Take care of yourself and stops whining!

11. You build strong otnosheniyaNastoyaschy partner - someone who is able not only to put up with your bitchiness, but one who loves you for it. And if you love someone with all your shortcomings, and with all your ostroyazychii, then you will love this man really, and to the grave!

Are you ready to kill anyone for the sake of its ally. So your relationship is generally strong as steel, but you are never settle for something "mediocre." "Will" - it's not about you.

12. You know how to spend time sebyaVy savor their "I" and you know what you have for yourself and the most beloved people. So you enjoy a spa, facials, massages and a good rest.

And most importantly: you'll never get stuck in someone else's shit, because they are too busy worrying about themselves.

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