20 coolest sci-fi movies of the 21st century

From ancient times, mankind exercising in the book of terrible tales, but with the advent of cinema is the art came to a completely different level. In this collection you will find the most important and cult sci-fi films of recent years, according to the magazine «Rolling Stone». So, what awaits us with you in the near (and not) future?

1. "Sunshine» («Sunshine», 2007)
Largely underrated sci-fi masterpiece Danny Boyle tells the story of the flight of the spacecraft with the symbolic name "Icarus-II» to the Sun, where the crew running in the heart of the fading light of enormous power bomb, brings him back to life. Unlike the now classic "Solaris" Tarkovsky and "Space Odyssey 2001 year" Stanley Kubrick, the film Boyle is not only interesting philosophical comparison of space flight and travel to himself: among the main advantages of "hell" - entertainment and entangled plot .

2. "Donnie Darko» («Donnie Darko», 2001)
Film debut of 26-year-old director Richard Kelly, can not boast of easy rolling destiny "Donnie" was released almost immediately after the events of 9/11, because of which go unnoticed by a wide audience, and was barely able to fight off your budget. However, after this dark surreal parable on DVD critics and audiences still pay attention to it, with the result that the film got a pretty high score and those and others. Time travel, fatalists in suits rabbits loser Donny - then there just is not, Kelly's directorial style is in a good sense intriguing look necessarily fans of the genre.

3. "Monsters» («Monsters», 2010)
Before we take up the adaptation of the classic story of Godzilla, Gareth Edwards took this minimalist movie about how a journalist and the daughter of his boss trying to get to the site, the virus infected alien. "Monsters" - one of the most inexpensive films of this genre in the history: he directed once admitted that "monsters" were worth less than $ 500 thousand, while on the set were occupied by only six people, and the survey was conducted on amateur camera and often virtually without preparation.

4. "Reign of Fire» («Reign of Fire», 2002)
"Reign of Fire" is a fairly rare example of mixing genres disaster movie and fantasy. Post-apocalyptic London 2020. terrorizes a huge dragon, awakened by careless builders of the subway, and the heroic shaved head hunter dragons from America by Matthew McConaughey and courageous leader of the survivors of the British (Christian Bale) leads the fight with the monster - which still need the viewer to be happy?

5. "Attack the Block» («Attack the Block», 2011)
The bloodthirsty aliens on British teenagers - who wins? The main message of the thriller, Joe Cornish is to ensure that only the kids from the southern outskirts of London can save humanity from destruction. The film combines elements of youth comedy and horror film, in addition, fans of blockbusters of the 1980s will undoubtedly pleased styling films, as well as allusions to some action adventure that time.

6. «Cloverfield» («Cloverfield», 2008)
The story of a huge terrible monsters today hardly anyone was surprised, but in a version directed by Matt Reeves' story is still worth watching, not least thanks to the colorful scenes of the destruction of the long-suffering New York, a convincing game of actors, including Lizzy Caplan (" Mean Girls, "" Masters of Sex "), as well as reception of" shaking the camera, "which gives the whole narration some pseudo-documentary. As a symbol of the endless horror of ordinary Americans to the unknown blood-thirsty beast, the film is present decapitated Statue of Liberty.

7. "detonator» («Primer», 2004)
Who said that science fiction should be light and superficial? Debut mathematics Shane Carruth as a filmmaker certainly can not boast. With an incredibly modest budget (about $ 7,000), specific dialogues crowded physical terminology and the most simple problems the film surprisingly has been warmly received by critics and audiences, and even received a cult status.

8. "Minority Report» («Minority Report», 2002)
Experiment genius Steven Spielberg's invented his own genre of film-prediction want to review more than once or twice. Taking the story of Philip K. Dick, and adding $ 102 million in the budget, Spielberg took a philosophical cinematic parable of the anticipation and prevention of crimes. Grainy and overexposed film, noises and other attributes created by the famous director of style for a long time will become the standard for future generations kinotvortsov.

9. "Luna 2112» («Moon», 2009)
Directorial debut of David Bowie's son Duncan Jones can be considered a success: not too complex (by the standards of modern commercial cinema) plot and pace of the work crew ("Moon" filmed in just 33 days) did not affect the film entertainment.
Unlike most modern science fiction films, "Moon 2112" is widely used models of objects (lunar station, spacecraft, and so on. D.), But the shortcomings of the film criticism are, above all, is not it, and enough dramatic intrigue ( Considering that the full picture is not available, only one actor, it is quite natural). Nevertheless, the film is sure to appeal to fans of the genre, including rare for films such attention to detail and meticulousness.

10. "The World's End» («The World's End», 2013)
In the final part of the trilogy "Blood and Ice Cream" written and directed by Edgar Wright famously juggles different movie clichés and genres by mixing an amazing mix of science fiction, thriller and comedy. It should be noted as a quality music and original material supply, secured, according to Simon Pegg, who played a major role in the film, the fact that the creators did not try to please the tastes of the target audience, and focused solely on his instincts

11. "Invasion of the dinosaur» («The Host», 2006)
The film about a giant monster, carrying death and destruction to humanity on the scale of individual South Korea. Science fiction with political overtones, based on real events, and even filmed a promising Ponomarev Joon Ho - what could be better? The basis for the film served as the incident with leakage of formaldehyde with an American military base, which occurred in February of 2000. Unfortunately, in Russia the film was never released in the rental, but has become the highest grossing South Korean painting in history, earning nearly $ 90 million.

12. "She» («Her», 2013)
All movies with Scarlett Johansson necessarily present ineffable magic charm of this great actress, even if she plays the role of the operating system, as in the film "She". Sentimental postmodern story about the writer fell in love with the program, came so natural and lively, that when viewing forget that the plot lies the peculiar relationship of man and artificial intelligence, and begin to truly worry about the main characters.

13. "Time Loop» («Looper», 2012)
Time travel, child-indigo and Bruce Willis, to mix, but do not stir - this recipe for a good sci-fi movie. The work on "time loop" director Ryan Johnson mobilized the same film crew that worked on his previous tapes, but the main role played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, familiar to a wide audience on the directorial debut of Johnson "Brick." "Time loop," which has become the third work of the director - the film extremely entertaining and fun, fans of science fiction and Bruce Willis will be excited.

14. "The mission of" Serenity "» («Serenity», 2005)
Adventurous venture director Joss Uiodna transfer the action sci-fi blockbuster in the universe of his TV series "Firefly" completely failed. To enjoy watching the "Mission" not necessarily look "Firefly" - reel of film is self-sufficient, entertainment, and from the first frame attracts attention to the screen, this is its main advantage. After watching you will want to continue, it is hoped that Whedon will be back to this topic.

15. "District number 9» («District 9", 2009)
The basis for the action movie Neil Blomkamp served as his own pseudo-documentary Short-lived film "Survive in Joburg", metaphorically depicting apartheid. As with the original, "the Area" filmed at home director - in South Africa. In the evaluation of film critics and audiences virtually unanimous: the debut full meter Blomkamp success - the film looks at one go, and it does not irritate frank stamps and templates.

16. "Gravitation» («Gravity», 2013)
Cinematic nightmare for people suffering from agoraphobia (fear of open spaces) authored by Alfonso Cuaron amazingly realistic and psychological narrative. It is worth noting the excellent work of the duo George Clooney and Sandra Bullock, but the protagonist is still absolute, comprehensive, frightening void, faced characters of the film. When the company you represent only their own not too happy thoughts and Running Out of oxygen - it's really scary.

17. "WALL-E» («WALL-E», 2008)
Touching animated masterpiece about the adventures of a small musoropogruzchika not leave anyone indifferent. In the film there are hints of the classic science fiction such as already mentioned in this collection "Space Odyssey 2001 year" and cynical political jokes "WALL-E" recalls Kubrick's other work - "Dr. Strangelove." I would also like to note that my clumsy but expressive manner of movement of the main character is somewhat similar to the character of Charlie Chaplin.

18. "Under the Skin» («Under the Skin», 2013)
Again, a masterpiece in the genre of science fiction and again with the beauty Scarlett Johansson starring. The film was made by Jonathan Glaser on the eponymous novel by Michel Faber. Image of Alien, which preys on first earthlings, then "re-educate" and on the side of potential victims - is one of the best roles of his career Johansson. Among the undoubted advantages films - luxury "image", the master director's handwriting and excellent game actors. According to critics of the film are mixed, but the box office does not give reason to doubt - worth a movie.

19. "Start» («Inception», 2010)
If Christopher Nolan has Leonardo DiCaprio and solid budget ($ 160 million), to be sure - the film succeeds, and the painting "The Beginning" fully confirms this. The good traditions Nolan, the tape captures the viewer is entirely due to the stunning special effects, subtle psychology of what is happening on the screen and lots of unexpected twists. More - not a word, must watch!

20. "Children of Men» («Children of Men», 2006)
Another reel of film, filmed a recognized master of thrillers Alfonso Cuaron. The basis of the plot served as a novel of British writer PD James. With all the talents of the director and the source strengths of the film flopped at the box office, but has collected a fairly warm reviews from critics around the world.

Antiutopian forecast Cuaron so realistic and convincing (which last but not least contribute to a great game Clive Owen and Julianne Moore), that on such a future would like to run without looking back. Without a doubt - one of the best science fiction films of one of the darkest options for the development of human society.


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