There is a "syndrome tiring sleep" - when a person wakes up in the morning already tired

Site found that 40% of people at least once in their lives suffered "tedious sleep." This means that they woke up just as or even more tired than when we went spat.Po Dr. Charles Pollack, "is how a person feels when waking up - no matter the time of day - depends on the stage of sleep in which he It was time to wake up. " If a person was in a stage of "REM sleep┬╗ (REM), and at the time woke up, he feels rested. However, if the "REM" disturbed sleep apnea or other condition, such as depression, airway obstruction with colds or even the influence of drugs, "people are likely to wake up in the phase of" slow wave sleep "- a deep sleep in which is not observed rapid eye movement" . So long as a person does not fall upon awakening in REM sleep, he would "feel sleepy," even though he had slept enough.

Dr. Tom McCoy points out that a person needs "a full cycle of sleep to feel rested, and if your sleep is too short for this, the quality is likely to be low. So you can feel even more tired because missed the desired output from the cyclic sleep needed to feel refreshed and rested ┬╗.



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