The heaviest day of the week - it's Tuesday

The most stressful time of the week for office workers account for 10 am Tuesday, according to a study recruitment company «Michael Page», which results in The Daily Telegraph.

The study involved 3,000 people aged 18 to 45 years. Half of them admitted that the peak stress for them is in the middle of Tuesday morning when leans a variety of tasks.

The majority of respondents spend Monday polurasslablennom able discussing the events of the past weekend, but by Tuesday the working reality returns employees to the ground, according to the findings of recruiters. Office workers need to not only view the latest post, but postponed the day before. By Tuesday morning also tends to accumulate an impressive list of outstanding tasks, deadlines are approaching and piling requirements superiors.

"It looks like the work - the main cause of stress in life. Even little things like computer freezes can unsettle "- note in« Michael Page ».

A quarter of respondents admitted that they regularly experience stress at work. In addition, for 75% of study participants had the recession comes to 11:16 am. Four out of ten respondents take this opportunity to stress accused of heavy load, three out of ten complain about the boss as a voltage source, every sixth dissatisfied inattention colleagues.




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