On the island of Okinawa, home to about 500 people aged 100 years or older

the Philippine Sea is an island of centenarians. It is the Japanese island of Okinawa, where about 500 people aged 100 years or older, t. E. 35 centenarians for every hundred thousand. This is the highest percentage in the world. But the most incredible thing that the islanders to reach a ripe old age look and feel much younger. They are virtually unknown to cancer and heart attack. Everywhere you can find 100-year-old people who do not even think about retirement, boldly ride around on scooters, doing karate, dance, work in the garden. 96-year-old

Okinawa Saykichi Uhar won the boxing match of the 30-year-old former boxing champion Japan.

It is believed that longevity helps local drinking water containing a large amount of calcium ions. But the main reason, according to scientists, proper nutrition, the right attitude to life and the right to physical stress.

Okinawan diet contains few calories and lots of fruits and vegetables. They also eat tofu, rice and seafood, but just very slightly and, most importantly, to get maximum pleasure. To power on the island are treated as religious ritual: Beautiful dish, eat slowly, sharing this holiday with loved ones. Part of the life of Okinawans - exercise, maintain a good shape thanks to the people of martial arts, after all, the birthplace of Okinawa karate. And the secret of life in Okinawa - to enjoy every single day as they teach Zen Buddhism.

At the entrance to the village of longevity is the inscription on the stone column: "In 70 you have a child in the 80's a young man, and 90, when the ancestors invite you to heaven, ask them to wait until you are 100 - then you may think about it ยป.


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