Good mood impairs memory

Many people occasionally experience difficulties when trying to repeat just heard. A study conducted at the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Missouri, under the direction of E. Martin and John. Cairns showed that "forgetfulness" in such cases may be associated with good mood, which adversely affects the process of instantaneous memory.

For the ability to memorize and reproduce small amounts of information responsible human short-term memory. It depends on its capabilities, if you remember being at a party, prompted five minutes before the phone number and name of a new acquaintance, who gave it to you. Usually stay in a good mood stimulates the brain as a whole and creativity in particular, helps to find an original solution to any problems, but it also helps to reduce the volume of short-term memory.

In the study, "The Effects of a good mood on the different aspects of cognitive control" was conducted the following experiment: two groups of volunteers have given to see two different videos - a comedic plot and instructions for installing the floor covering, and then asked to perform two tasks: a test to determine the volume of short-term memory Test and Stroop color on color perception and logic.

The essence of the first test was that participants dictate a series of numbers at a rate of 4 digits in the second, and then asked to name the last 6 of them in order. Participants who are in high spirits after watching the comedy, coped with the test worse than those who watched the video with the tedious manual, which had no effect on the mood of the subjects. With the second task where participants were required to name the color of the font, which is written the word, and not the word for any other color, both groups performed equally.




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