How to set up your brain.

You know the unpleasant feeling when you meet with friends in the store, but I did not remember his name? Something had happened to everybody. Although our brain is the most powerful computer in the world, and sometimes it fails, and this is natural. Throughout our lives, we fills his mind with anything. What will we need something - I never need, but something is just rubbish, and we have plenty in the brain.
Regardless of our brain, he periodically takes time to recover, and sometimes additional incentives, if we do not want him to fail. Think of it as the setting of the brain. It is foolish to ignore this need. As silly as wander around the parking lot to find the car, forgetting where you left it. It's stupid? Although this happens to you? It's okay with us all this happens. Do not worry, everything is fixable. Here's what you can start doing right now to set your brain.

Eat almonds
It is believed that almonds improve memory. Add the almond oil in milk and drink before bedtime or in the morning and you feel that your memory has improved. Almond milk can be prepared, if clean almond peeled, finely crumble and pour it with water and sugar.

Drink apple juice
Studies have shown the University of Massachusetts, apple juice increases the production of acetylcholine, a process necessary for the transmission of nerve excitation. As a result of this improved memory.

Good sleep
Studies show that during sleep again played events of the day. This improves long-term memory. Thanks to these repetitions of our subconscious mind is programmed to the accumulation of these images and related information.

Enjoy the simple things
Stress depletes the capacity of our brain. In times of stress the brain requires more memory resources, weakening our minds. Get into the habit every day distracted by the simple actions that bring pleasure to help you get rid of stress. Some of them are equally good for your mind, your body and your soul.
Listen to music that you like
Play with children
Look forward to a meeting with a stranger
Try searching in other something good
Every day, go for a jog, ride a bike or swim
Get yourself a blog
Take yoga or any other exercise to raise the general tone

Sit for a day on a diet
Fasting cleanses our body and removes toxins. It is well known that heavy food not only harms our digestive system, but also impairs brain function. Through fasting cease negative emotions such as fear, sorrow, anxiety, fear - before they accumulate in sufficient quantities to cause disease. Saving you from negative emotions, fasting strengthens mental clarity. This in turn improves memory, concentration ability, creativity and insight.

Train your mind
Play words and crossword puzzles
Offer to help others
Connect with other
Take a new thing for you - to read, to draw, in the end, become an amateur ornithologist
Learn new skills or learn a new language

Reduce your intake of sugar
Sugar - it is not food. This is - a form of carbohydrate, which provides only the illusion of power through which an initial surge should be an immediate recession. The symptoms of neurasthenia are the result of excess sugar. Excess sugar is also able to trigger claustrophobia, memory loss and nerve disorders. Do not add sugar in food. Stay away from sugary drinks and excess caffeine and sugar.

Eat flour products from whole wheat
The whole wheat flour contains lecithin. Lecithin is useful in atherosclerosis, in which brain function deteriorates.

Do not eat at night tightly
Heavy meal at night causes discomfort and prolonged stress during sleep. It is reasonable, if you have a tight during the day, when you are in constant motion, and therefore able to digest it all. However, light food, especially fruits, will make it possible to sleep well. A good night's sleep has beneficial effects on the brain.

Develop imagination
The Greeks invented a rule of imagination and association, which helps to remember everything you need. This method requires the development of live and colorful imagination, which allows to establish relationships between objects. If you engage in the same process of imagination, all their senses of perception - touch, smell, sight, hearing - something you can remember the smallest details of the event.

Our sexual fantasies allow us to dream. This reinforces the work of the brain, improves the imagination, the ability to visualize and associations.

Keep your temper under control
Food, far from natural, with a high content of starch, white bread - all this worsens the condition of the nervous system. This can lead to outbursts of rage, and then - to depression. Eat fresh vegetables. Drink plenty of water and do yoga to get rid of negative emotions and mood swings.

Take vitamin B complex
The complex of B vitamins improves memory. Eat vegetables with a high content of vitamins of the group. Stay away from foods with high starch content, do not eat white bread, which interferes with the absorption of these vitamins.



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