Museum of Military Vehicles

Museum of BAT (aka Museum RVAI) - the youngest of the Ryazan military museums - opened in 1994 on the initiative and by teachers and students of the Ryazan Military Automobile Institute. Cadets led by officers collected and restored old military vehicles, returned them the ability to move and dandy appearance. Three halls of the museum - the old machine, modern and repair equipment - take more than 4 million square meters of covered hangar. Powerful military vehicles on display outdoors.

1. The museum is located on the territory of the military unit with all relevant attributes to it - security, barbed wire. Inspection of street exposure produced under the watchful gaze on duty from the observation tower.

2. Special wheeled chassis BAZ-5937 (6x6).

3. BAZ-6944. Special wheeled chassis designed for installation of missile complex "Oka". Beginning of production - 1987 year. Weight - 17 tons. Maximum speed - 70 km / h.

4. KZKT-74281. Designed to tow semi-trailers on paved roads. Beginning of production - 1981 year. Towing a semi-trailer with a load - 70 tons. Maximum speed - 65 km / h.

5. PMP. Car park pontoon bridge on KrAZ 255 B. The launch - 1967


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