Solarium increases the risk of skin cancer by 75%

Tanning is harmful to health, it is a well known fact. However, many scientists and doctors have not sounded the alarm, solarium are still very popular around the world. The harm caused by solarium skin can be compared to the impact on her highly radioactive plutonium. A bit frightening figures:

Using tanning before the age of 30 years increases the risk of melanoma (the most dangerous of the three forms of skin cancer) by 75%.

The risk to get basal (tumors of the basal layer of the epithelium of the skin, one type of skin cancer) grows at 2, 5 times.

From 1950 to 2000, the year the incidence of melanoma has increased by 600%.

You can have fun in the solarium without consequences for some time, but because of your hobbies ultraviolet light you can get skin cancer in adulthood.

All this is well known for a long time, but people do not stop to go to the solarium, even at the risk of dying for beauty tanning.



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