Scientists say that genes can determine what time of day a person dies

Detected gene variation that affects the biological clock so strong that may indicate what time of day a person is likely to die.

Experts followed the change of the time of sleep and wakefulness among 1,200 people over 65 years. They found a single nucleotide near the Period 1 gene, which is different from the "larks" and "owls": its base some people is an adenine (A), and others - guanine (G). Since each person two sets of chromosomes, one can identify the three genotypes: AA, GG and mixed AG.

Scientists have found that people with a combination of AA in vivo awake for an hour, and with AG - half an hour earlier than those with GG genotype. Nearly half of people (48%) are born with mixed genotype, "larks" in second place - 36% of them, least of all (16%) of people who are referred to as "owls».

Time of death, the researchers believe, the "larks" and "owls" is also different. Thus, individuals with AA or AG genotype, on average, die shortly before 11:00 and with the genotype GG - shortly before 18:00. "The internal clocks regulate many aspects of human biology and behavior. They also affect the timing of the onset of stroke and heart attack, "- says study leader Dr. Andrew Lim Medical Center Beth Israel in Boston.

Scientists hope that these results will help to determine what time of day are most effective medication for the individual patient with heart disease or stroke. Furthermore, in their opinion, knowing the genotype of a person can be required to determine the time of the survey.



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