Ethernet inventor said that eat their words, if the Internet is not going to die in 1996, the year. And ate

Robert Metcalfe - electrical engineer from the United States. He has a very rich "track record" - he is the founder of technological giant «3Com» technologies and the inventor of Ethernet, so you have broadband Internet access.

However, Metcalfe made several incorrect predictions about the future of the Internet, for example, in 1995, he predicted that next year will no longer use the Internet. Metcalfe was so sure of it that promised to eat his words if nothing happened. As we can see, the Internet is alive and well to this day, so that the prediction was clearly wrong.

During one of his speeches in 1997, Metcalfe took a copy of a newspaper article which was printed his statement, mixed paper in a blender with some liquid, and drank the mixture. He had previously tried to eat his words with a cake, but the audience protested. So I had to drink.



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