In Japan, there is a rock band of robots: guitarist with 78 fingers, 21 stick drummer and keyboardist with rays from the eyes

The future is nastupilo

Also, the group includes a keyboard capable of emitting rays of layered eye. These three members of the rock group «Z-Machines», Mach, Ashura and Cosmo - robots. They were made at a recent festival in Tokyo.

Rock band, founded by a group of engineers and scientists at Tokyo University, debuted in June. Scientists hope that one day they created the band will be able to play in space.

Guitarist Mach equipped with an impressive computer screen and the cables coming out of his head, like the long hair, especially when the robot moves his head back and forth. He is able to play a chord in 1184 per minute. Drummer Ashura able to play four times faster than a human, and keyboardist Cosmo because of the rays emitted from the eyes may be on top to create a complete laser show.

The robots are programmed to performance based on audience reaction. Also with the group are the real people - dancers and singers.



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