Absolutely everyone in the world will understand what you mean when you say "hmm"

Open a universal word that sounds the same meaning and the same in all yazykah

Linguists Mark Dingemans, bullfighter Francisco and Nick Enfield believe that there is only one syllable in the world, which is recognized in all languages ​​- "hmm." The researchers argue that this word sounds strikingly similar in many languages ​​on all continents, from which they concluded that the word "um" is universal.

Linguists have carefully studied the variations of the word in ten languages, including Dutch, Icelandic, Chinese, West African language of Siwa and the language of Australian aborigines murrin Pata, defining it as "a simple style with a low front central vowel glottal consonants at the beginning and the characteristic tone».

The researchers also analyzed and other words and expressions used to clarify during the conversation, but only the "uh" sounds almost the same in all languages, whose phonetic patterns vary greatly.

Meanwhile, some linguists believe that "hmm" can not be considered a word. Dr. Enfield it says that the primary function of language - is the management of a common understanding: it is important that you and your partner understand each other.

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