Why do you never perform "New Promise"

New Year's resolutions, we only complicate zhizn

We have lived one more year, and ahead - the next. Some of you are probably going to give myself some promises - say, from January 1, quit smoking or something like that. Do not do this: according to the "paradox of willpower" determination to do something to weaken the will.

In one study, researchers found that the "paradox of willpower" is this: if you have promised myself to do something, the chance to fulfill a promise given you very little. Senya Ibrahim from the University of Illinois conducted a study in which subjects with varying degrees of success unscrambled anagrams as a test of willpower - not climbing Mount Everest, of course, but the results were interesting. Some people were asked to decipher a few anagrams, others asked to think about what they will decipher anagrams. Guess which group deciphered longer?

So before the New Year does not say 'I will do it! ". It is better to say: "This year gives me so much potential!ยป

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