7 wonderful habits that will change your life for the better

Did you know that success starts with habits and everyday rules? You may have great dreams, sufficient skills and knowledge. But if you don't practice this successful path on a daily basis, will not evolve and accumulate small successes that will eventually turn into something more.

Your habits determine what kind of person you are and what you can achieve in the future

 1. Start the day earlyAlmost every successful person who achieves something outstanding, gets up early to spend more time alone and perform their most important tasks to prepare for what awaits them in the afternoon. Famous managers and entrepreneurs Howard Schultz from Starbucks, Richard Branson of the Virgin Group, Apple CEO Tim cook, head of Disney Bob iger and others — stand up or get up really early. How to do it. Train to get up early and prepare for what will happen during the day. First you will be difficult and uncomfortable, but it will have to overcome to turn waking early a habit. Good strategy — first, get up 15 minutes earlier and gradually move the Wake up time to earlier.

2. At least half an hour to readInvesting in yourself is one of the most important preconditions to achieve outstanding results in life. Between you and me there is no difference — except our knowledge and our skills. Makes us different our thinking, it turns us into who we are today. So, if you want to improve your results, change your thinking.

By doing this, you will be able to change its method of decision-making. And reading is one of the most easy-to-learn habits that improve quality of life. Want to learn how to cook? Read cooking guide. Want to learn how to invest in the stock market and achieve financial freedom? Book learning, and for speed and at seminars. How to do it. Make it a rule to read at least 30 minutes a day. This can be done in the mornings and in the evenings.Read books that your knowledge, or even just books on personal development.

3. The "rule of five"Is a powerful method that brings great results. Dreams and thoughts about how you become rich and successful, will not help until you begin to take action. This technique helps to do something every day that eventually lead you to the desired result.

Every day write down 5 things that you need to do to achieve their goals — and do them. If you have more time, do even more. But it have to be those tasks that guarantee the desired result. And repeat this every day until this practice will become a habit and will become automatic. How to do it. Either in the evening or in the morning, before all other cases, write down 5 most important tasks that you need to solve during the day, and certainly they do.Force yourself to do it every day until it will become a habit.

4. Praise the other, make complimentsWhen was the last time you did that? When you make a compliment, there is a positive energy that surrounds you and generally improves the situation. Of course, no need to force yourself to do it, to give compliments mechanically.

For this to work, you need to praise people from the heart. Really feel it and be honest. If you pretend to be, the effect will be counterproductive. True leaders praise good work of others. If you want to build a strong and successful business, you need a great team — and to do this we must first look at its positive sides and achievements. How to do it. Practice your compliments — look for something good in people around you. You can start with your loved ones — family or friends. Praise them and see the result.

5. Deliver on the promiseof"Reputation building for twenty years and destroy it in five minutes. If you think about it, you act differently" — Warren Buffett

Therefore, do what you say, keep their promises, perform them with full dedication. In business and in life, people breaking promises, don't trust. Ethics and keeping promises are two main features that people notice when deciding whether to have business with you. And relationships suffer from unfulfilled promises, if this happens regularly. And the goals you set — it, too, promises only to themselves. So keep your goals and follow them with the utmost seriousness. Never treat them casually: it is this attitude determines what you become and where you'll be in the future. How to do it. - Define their goals and start to stick to them right now. Never and don't do anything carelessly. Follow all the promises made, especially in business.

6. You can't do it alone,Some say they have achieved outstanding results because of what you have done for yourself alone, but it's not true. Remember the education you gave your parents, or the love that you give family and friends. Or your customers that trust you and pay you money.

No one achieves success alone. When you understand this principle, you will begin to trust people and delegate your work. And when you begin to delegate, you'll see how growing your business like your life to a new level, and you become a true leader because creating new opportunities for more people.

Never forget your team and other people who helped you become the person you have become — especially after you have achieved the desired result. How to do it. Want to build a successful business, achieving outstanding success in life cobble together a team. It's not a solo concert.

7. Share with society and the worldbill gates, Warren Buffett, Richard Branson — they all donate money and do a lot of giving back to society. You will say it is because they are rich and they have everything. But think that it's actually easier to donate $10 or $100 000? To share with the public, to give my tithe — it is a character trait that we need to educate with the little things.

If you find it hard to donate even $10, you will never share the $100 000. Those who are already rich and successful, you can donate and help much more, because they already have such a habit. They started doing it, when there were not rich and successful. How to do it. Start to learn this principle is to share with society, to contribute to the life of the world. No need to wait until you become successful. Start small and turn it into a habit. Get started today. published

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