In South Korea, people are paying for it, to live to see how others overeat

Stars * but for lunches earn thousands of dollars in mesyats

For some unknown reason, some of the strangest fashion trends are born in South Korea. The latest of them - but dinners *: Some people look like eating more. Korean is called a mock explosion, roughly means "broadcast dinner».

Stars porn meals from South Korea to shoot video as eat huge amounts of food, and also emit moaning sounds and throw short comments about their meals. Ironically, the main characters get a fortune for it.

We are talking about a really huge portions. For example, the arrival of * but dinners, calling itself Diva, eating two pizzas, fried eggs from three dozen eggs and a box of crab legs or 12 packets of instant noodles at one sitting. She once ate 12 pies with beef, 12 fried eggs, three servings of spicy pork kimchi, soup and salad.

Diva airs between eight and nine pm and the webcast can talk for hours. She says that she is completely healthy, no eating disorders she had not, and it is not fattening. Although she spends on food for $ 3,000 a month, it more than pays for the cost, making in their broadcasts thousands of dollars. Other stars getting at least - one of them managed to get $ 1,000 per broadcast.

* Fans of no-dinners are set on a site with streaming video «Afreeca TV» and watch video live. Their favorite stars, they reward currency called "Star balls", which can be exchanged for real Korean won.

Diva says it was the video shoot because she was bored - it is badly needed in the hobby. Why do videos with gluttons so popular - is unclear. Some believe that people just do not want to eat alone. Maybe people just love food and chat conversations. Perhaps for them it is just ridiculous.



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