The most expensive honey in the world is like a small car

It produces deep peschere

Honey "Elf" from Turkey worth € 5,000 (or $ 6,800) per kilo - is the most expensive varieties of honey in the world. It is produced in a cave in the valley near the town of Artvin Sarikair at a depth of 1,800 meters.

According to a local beekeeper Gunay Gunduz, elf honey is so expensive because it is produced naturally. Rich in minerals cave enhances the quality of honey, which is reflected in the cost. Gunduz, whose family is engaged in beekeeping for three generation in 2009 for the first time noticed that some bees fly away to the cave - it was then that he realized that the cave may be the honey.

With the help of a professional beekeeper climbers descended into the cave and found there 18 kg of honey in the comb, and later tested in French laboratories. Tests have shown that honey for seven years, and it's a really high-quality, rich variety of minerals product.

The first elven kilogram of honey was sold in 2009, the year on the French stock exchange for € 45,000 a year pharmacists from China bought more kilograms for € 28,000, and now the price of honey dropped to € 5,000 per kilogram. He sold in bottles of 170 and 250 grams. Although small amounts, customers can not Gunduz noted that honey elf stands as a small car.

Gunduz says that this honey can be used as medicine or food supplement: it is produced in a natural way and without hives, the area is rich in endemic medicinal plants, and all these factors influence the price. In general, Turkish honey is considered the best in the world, but Gunduz noted that counterfeiting and artificial honey ruining the market. The price of the honey can not be lower than € 15 per kilogram.

And what would you prefer - honey or a car? Be honest.



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