Found 700-year-old barrels of perfectly preserved human excrement

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Archaeologists working at the site XIV-th century in Denmark, found numerous barrels filled with excrement. Human excrement, which, according to scientists, are "in excellent condition" still retain the putrid smell, despite his age.

The barrels were found at the site in the area of ​​Wilhelm Werners in Odense on Funen. Thanks to its quality, the excrement can tell a lot about the food preferences of people of that time.

In addition, the drums before becoming "latrines", have always been used for something else. Marking will allow them to find out who owned them, whether they have been used previously for the carriage of goods or storage of fish.

Excavations are still going on, and are among the largest urban archaeological sites in Danish history. The researchers also found three other stacked on each other drums they are joined together by clay, and beneath the researchers found a system of pipes.



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