How to make a storage of rain water from the barrel with your hands

Storage of rainwater is a great way to use collected rainwater to water the garden, lawn or even houseplants. For the alignment we took a plastic barrel, a Board and a rope to make decorative.


Plastic barrels to buy new, will fit perfectly and old. The main thing that they were not full of holes.

To make the crane, which we will use to fill watering cans or attach a garden hose, measure 30 cm from the bottom of the barrel.

Drill a hole using a 1 inch drill (hole diameter about 30 mm). If necessary, use a knife to trim the excess plastic.

Seal the hole with silicone sealant and insert the nozzle.

Adding a bottom drain with an adapter for a garden hose allows you to completely drain the barrel as needed, and also it can be used as a permanent attachment of the hose.

To do this, measure out 5 cm from the bottom and drill a 1 inch hole directly under the drain.

Embed 3/4-inch (20 mm) garden hose adapter (treat with silicone sealant) and pull it into the hole using a wrench.

Select a location along the rear edge where the overflow will be most convenient, measure 5 cm from the bottom of the cover and drill a 1 inch hole.

Lubricate threaded hose adapter with silicone sealant and tighten with a wrench.

In the next step you need an assistant. Treat three washers with silicone and the connection of both hoses of the adapter inside the barrel.

Using a wrench tighten the adapter pipe to the threads and install the adapter hose for rigidity of the Assembly from the outside.

Turn until it is firmly secured, but be careful not to overtighten to avoid cracking.

Use the pencil to draw a perpendicular line on cylinder, intersecting in the center.

Use round tip to cut out four holes with a diameter of 3 inches each, centered on the drawn lines and at an equal distance from the center and the edge of the cover.

Now a barrel to collect rain water functional, but the sight of her in the style of a wooden barrel will make your site even more attractive.

Start by installing the barrel on the cinder blocks.

Measure the height of the cinder block to the edge of the barrel, and add 5 cm more, then cut the Board to the desired height.

Overlaid barrel boards for the fitting, mark the points where the pipes, then drill in the boards holes for them.

Treat boards with stain that improves the moisture resistance of the wood.

Overlaid barrel prepared by the boards and secure with rope and screws.

Install the flexible drain hose attached to the hole in the top of the barrel.


A barrel to collect rain water ready! published by P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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