A skeptic may not notice anything unusual, even if it did happen

This is confirmed by scientific eksperimentami

A strange experiment conducted by a person who believes in paranormal phenomena, makes you wonder how differently each of us sees the world. We know that faith can blind people, but can lack of faith to do the same?

Arthur Ellison, a professor of electrical and Sportive decided to finish the lecture game. He asked a group of volunteers (some of them - his fellow professors) to focus on iron flower vase on the table. They had to look at her, repeating "Om" and try to force the mind to make a vase levitate. And they succeeded: vase soared above the table. However, immediately shattered when a group because of a nasty surprise stop singing.

Allison was not surprised - he helped vase levitated by an electromagnet. Its actually not interested in levitation, and the reaction of the participants. One man came up and told him that when the flowers have hovered in the air, gray substance rose from the floor, crawled on the table and crawled under a vase. Another participant argued that nothing happened, and the vase did not budge. Both were wrong.

This history, however, can be treated with some suspicion. Allison, despite its achievements in science, was a supporter of the theory of the paranormal - he believed that science is too narrow to explain some things.

This history suggests that the lack of confidence can also cause us to judge things prejudiced. It does not matter what is based on a misconception - the belief or skepticism. To know something for certain, is necessary to analyze all the facts, all the available information - such an analysis, at least, allow a sober look at things.

Convinced skeptic, if given the trouble to analyze the situation, I would have learned about the magnet and said, "Yes, I was wrong, the vase can levitate." And those who unconditionally believe his eyes and saw some gray substance could understand that it was not in sight, and at the same time to try to understand why this is what I saw - if a little thought itself.

What do you think about all this?

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