How to prepare puffer fish

Do not try this doma

Fugu - the most dangerous in the world of delicacy, because this fish is poisonous. It contains tetrodotoxin - the poison a hundred times more dangerous than cyanide. But the fish, however, is very attractive for gourmets. A chef learned to make from the deadly incredible fish dish.

First you need to get certified. If you're a fan - do not touch the fish. Most of the deaths are due to inexperienced cooks. In Japan, all those chefs who have the right to prepare fugu, must be over 20 years old and pass a two-year course to get a license. About a third of them does not hand over the exam.

After two years of learning everything else - flowers. Firstly, it is necessary to ensure that the fishermen caught the same look. If the fish is the same, make an incision around the mouth and remove a layer of greenish scales. Rinse the fish.

Then remove the eyes and in one motion, cut the spine and then place them in a special tray. Keep an eye on everything that is put there - this is the place for all the poisonous parts.

Most of the poison found in puffer liver and ovaries, so that should be especially cautious when it will eviscerate. One wrong move - and dangerous poison gets into the meat. When the bodies were successfully removed, place them in the tray.

Put the fish on the belly and make on his head two or three incisions to remove the brain. After this head you can safely eat, carefully pre-boiling.

Once done all of the above, to cut everything else in the fillet would have done with any other fish. The main difference is that then have to take a tray with the remains of toxic puffer and professional burn.

Now break the bank: customers are willing to pay good money for a piece of fugu, because in reality they pay for the peace of mind that inspires License chef. In some places, a few pieces of fugu can cost $ 120.



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