The most terrible products made in China (6 photos)

China has more people than any other country in the world. Therefore, we can assume that a lot of ... um ... not too expensive products that we buy, the Chinese do. Despite the strict communism and the rich, as well as the fact that China is becoming a superpower and to argue with that country somehow did not want to, things that the Chinese production is cheap and not very good. And there are those from which the creeps.

1. fox meat in China is confused with donkey

Imagine (discard immediately disgusted) that you have just bought in the store a lot of different goodies for the title of the evening, which you arrange for your friends. You come home with shopping and - horror of horrors! - You find that your main course, your wonderful, just bought donkey meat is really only a fox meat. What a deception ...

Of course, the situation is strange, but real. There are some questions: is it that someone would prefer oslyatinu and got the result "lisyatinu"? That is delicious donkey fox? And the fox got into the meat packing meat ass? Does this mean that someone specially bred foxes slaughtered and the meat of lower quality compared to oslyatinoy? In China, which, however, you can easily buy meat fox, if you want? Donkey meat and foxes are so similar that the buyer did not notice, or we face a brazen case of fraud? We would like to know - but we do not know. Whatever this was a hidden logic of replacing the donkey fox, Chinese buyers, if you want to try oslyatiny, looking for exactly oslyatinu and lisyatina in this case is unacceptable. And it is this: in China, you can buy a dish - oslyatinu five-spice. And one of these spices - fox.

Europeans do not understand.

2. Chemical burns from flip-flops

Summer - a strange time of year. On the one hand, there is no snow, the heat, and you can walk in light clothing, on the other - in light clothes all go, and sometimes, when you compare the figure with one's own that is sad. And another thing - slippers. To be honest, we do not understand. Need beach shoes - wear sandals. Where did this nedoobuv? Nobody knows.

Perhaps the popularity of flip-flops is that in most stores you can buy as many as six pairs for a hundred rubles. And it's safe to say that all these flip-flops are made in China. Doing this nedoobuv need (for such a price) of plastic and rubber, but there are "exclusive" models that are being made, apparently, from benzene and angry spirits of the dead dogs.

Results will appear in the photographs in the blog American Kerry Steeles. She took a photo of her legs after a while vilified slippers: the soles were rash and burns, closely follows the outlines of the straps of shoes.

Other people who have bought themselves slippers in stores «Walmart» (it is in the US), also began to complain of burns. Shop in the end, has withdrawn all remaining Chinese slippers from sale.

3. Fish from sewage

In our city there is a river flowing right through the center. She looks pretty impressive: in some places there are small waterfalls, game and nature, where people are so fond of rest. In the river, there is another feature - the water in it terribly dirty. How many can remember, people joked that it is better not to eat fish caught in the river, it is possible to mutate inadvertently.

But in China, the fish caught straight from the wastewater, and nothing.

We - not the biologists, and we could not assume that you can catch fish in muddy waste water. But the Chinese - the people of hard-working and resourceful, so they can afford to produce it for our seafood market. I wonder where they get the idea that it can be eaten? Ah, well, I did not imagine the catch for export can be!

It would be to abandon the import of products - at least, China. And best of all would be to ban the import of food from China at the legislative level, because Chinese products often contain bacteria, carcinogens and other harmful substances.

4. Poison angler

I never tried the sea devil?

No, let's start with another question: have you ever seen the sea devil? Gourmet seafood, among other things. But if anyone was going to have to treat them, we would have refused: it is enough to look at the fish only to never, under any circumstances, want to give it a try - it looks horrible. Probably, in the extreme case, it is possible to eat ... if you are dying of hunger, for example.

Some people love him - he is sometimes called "poor man's lobster", despite the fact that costs more lobster. By the way, this fish imports from China banned in some countries, as enterprising Chinese fishermen instead of the sea devil began to sell fugu.

If you have heard something about the poisonous fish, and you probably know about the fugue - This fish is sometimes served in expensive restaurants, especially in Japan. The bottom line is that the fish on your plate - a fugue, in fact - can be poisonous if prepared incorrectly it. A skilled chef can prepare fugu so that the fish will be minimal, non-lethal amount of poison - you only onemeyut lips. Is not it fun? A little bit of adrenaline - it's even useful to say.

But if properly prepared fugu - well, you never know, suddenly you or the chef thought it angler, anything can happen - you can die, just licking chopsticks that poke into the fish.

One man in Chicago became very ill after he dine with such a "sea devil." It turned out that the fish he ate contained tetrodotoxin - poison about a hundred times more dangerous than cyanide, a dose of 25 milligrams - is lethal. It sold about three tons of a fish, and we can only guess how many people have managed to poison.

5. Pogo Stick

Now you know that food imported from China must be careful so that the talk about Chinese toys. In China, among others, reported far more cases of lead poisoning in children than in all other countries. But we are not saying that Chinese toys contain toxic lead-based paint, no, no, you!

In 2011, China began to produce pogo sticks - sticks for jumping. Perhaps they, too, were painted with lead paint. And yet they had the obvious problem with the frame: the tube at the bottom of the frame in some "grasshoppers" broke.

Toy something funny: you jump and jump and jump up. And then, the next time you land, your pogo stick breaks down, you fall on the asphalt, and the wreckage of a metal frame fly into your face. We do not exaggerate: registered 123 such cases - mostly men knocked a few teeth, or if you are lucky, they got the scars on his face.

As a result, the entire batch of 169-thousand "grasshoppers" has been withdrawn.

6. Face Cream

The worst thing in the health and beauty industry - is trusting customers. When you go to the drugstore to buy vitamins, you unconditionally believe what is written on the packaging. There are written ginseng, and he definitely safe! We think that the label can not lie - before it's too late to blame themselves for trusting.

Company in China has developed a cream for external use, which is widely used to treat eczema in infants. The cream contains 25 natural products, only in fact, these "natural products" on the package indicated pardon the slang, "from the bulldozer." The cream was catastrophically many steroid hormone called clobetasol propionate - it is very dangerous, especially for children.

Yes, it is indeed a substance used to treat skin diseases, but: a) it can not be used for a long time; b) it in any case, never, under any circumstances, be used in children), adults can use it only by prescription.

The use of clobetasol propionate can lead to excessive hair growth in women and children because it can develop Cushing's syndrome - a person becomes a huge, swollen and round like the moon. Also, the hormone leads to emotional instability, the appearance of acne, muscle weakness, hair loss, obesity and growth hump, like a buffalo. The eyes do not lie to you now - yes, to grow a hump, like a buffalo. We specifically looked for pictures on the Internet, that's right - the hump. Hefty dreadful hump.

One girl rubbed this cream, and she began menstruating, and in fact the child was eight months old. Fortunately, the product was withdrawn, and the manufacturing company paid a huge fine - but no money is not enough for such disregard for people.


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