In the Adriatic Sea for the first time found puffer

Extremely poisonous puffer fish first discovered in the Adriatic Sea.
One of the most venomous fish in the world priplylav Adriatic / AP
According to the Croatian newspaper Slobodna Dalmacija, the fish caught in the port of children Croatian town Tribunj.

Habitat fugue - from the north coast of Australia to the North coast of Japan and from the southern coast of China to the eastern islands of Oceania, and it is not clear how it was in the Adriatic. Study this puzzle soon will be engaged in the veterinary experts of the Faculty of the University of Zagreb.

Fish family of highly poisonous pufferfish and contains a lethal dose of tetrodotoxin: poison contained in the body of one individual, enough to kill 50 people. In Japan, however, when properly prepared, in which process the concentration of poison must be reduced to an acceptable, its use in food. Fugu is considered a delicacy but the feeling of the game with the death of its use brings a slight feeling of euphoria caused by the residual amount of surviving in a dish of poison.

Before servicing the visitors of restaurants, Japanese chefs are long learning food preparation, and then take an exam to receive a special certificate. With insufficient breeding poison her eating can be fatal. Lunch puffer fish cooked cook, practice network Tokyo restaurants at least three years, costs about 90 euros.

Several years ago, puffer fish have been found in unusual for her dwelling place - off the coast of Israel. Then the chef in Tel Aviv identified in the catch rare fish and purchased them.
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