Mortal danger diet - Breatharianism

Breatharians believe that it is enough to breathe and eat and drink neobyazatelno

The basis laid down Breatharianism Hindu concept that the body absorbs the prana, or life force through breathing and food and water - an unnecessary luxury.

One of the main followers of this movement - Australian Ellen Greve. In 1990 it changed its name to Greve Jasmuheen and began to preach Breatharianism. It is believed that by her technique caused the death of several people, at least indirectly.

In 1999, the year Jasmuheen decided to demonstrate their capabilities - offered to survive a week without food and water. As expected, the second day she collapsed due to dehydration and increased pressure. She claimed that the reason for that - dirty air, so the crew moved to the countryside.

On the fourth day Jasmuheen lost 4, 5 kg weight, heart rate doubled, and the other symptoms pointed to kidney failure. The woman looked at the doctor, then the film crew has warned that if a Jasmuheen something happens, then they will be held accountable. The experiment was stopped.

Other followers Breatharianism seemed successful. Among them - Prahlad Jani, who claims that he did not eat or drink since 1940. In 2003, he lay in the hospital for observation (voluntarily) for ten days, there are spent, like really nothing to eat or drink. The second time it was checked for 15 days, and again he seems to have not eaten anything. In general, how he cheats it is unknown, but in order to quickly swallow a little water or food, it takes a few seconds.

To our readers, we experiment with Breatharianism not recommend - it's deadly. And as someone who could do such a practice? The answer is simple - fashion. In 2013, the actress Michelle Pfeiffer admitted that at the beginning of his career, was a supporter of Breatharianism but threw "diet" when she met her first husband.



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