Important decisions should be taken on an empty stomach

Until now it was believed that a hungry man is unlikely to be thinking about something besides food, but it is not tak

If you're like most people, you probably get quite grumpy person when hungry. But a new study shows that an empty stomach helps to make more informed decisions.

To find out, researchers have raised the subjects of the night. When the subjects were in the lab, some of them breakfast and others forced to wait. Then the participants received psychological test, which is based on the actual gambling, and whose main task was to ensure to make the test to simulate real process of decision-making. The researchers found that subjects chose the hungry during the test the most profitable and effective solutions. But well-fed subjects did not do so. Hunger also helped subjects not to take the choices that promise them immediate benefits, but in the long term was not profitable.

That is what the authors of the experiment:

«In the course of the three research goal was to examine the controversial hypothesis, which states that hunger improve strategic decision-making. Studies 1 and 2 have shown that hungry subjects with a good appetite to choose more profitable options in the proposed test, compared to well-fed subjects, whose appetite was not as good. Study 3 showed that the starving subjects were better able to assess the prospects and the future reward for solving a delay discounting, and that hungry subjects were not inclined to take risks for the sake of short-term profit at the expense of long-term benefit. Together, these studies provide the first clear evidence that the state of hunger multiple times improves the process of decision-making under uncertainty, challenging the traditional concept of the harmful role of impulsivity in the process of making important decisions ».



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