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To memorize the material nadolgo

All men are endowed with reason, but this does not mean that we use it as efficiently as possible. This is partly due to the inability to know the end of his own thinking (metacognition).

The best way to learn something - again and again to repeat, even then, what are you 100% sure. You can stop at the time of repeating stuff if you know him well, but before the final test (exams, public speaking, and so on. N.) Is better to repeat everything, without exception, even then, what you believe. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. This is our simple trick, but his scientific explanation.

Researchers Jeffrey Caprica and Henry Rodiger focused on how to test the impact on learning. They asked the English-speaking students learn a few words in Swahili, and then carried out the test. For example, if the test was a word in Swahili «mashua», the correct answer will be several "boat." In this approach, students could not use the deduction - responded that they knew. After the lesson, they were told that next week there will be another such test.

Subjects were able to view the test again, to understand what you do not know, learn it, and then check yourself. This approach accelerates learning anything, and allows you to focus on what we do not know. It seems that it makes sense, right? In fact, the method will turn a disaster.

Caprica Rodriger and asked the students to prepare for the test in different ways and compared success. One group repeated the words of the entire test - and the right and wrong their answers. And another group repeated only wrong answers. Students from the second group were able to recall the exam, only 35% of the words, and the first group - 80%.

It looks like we have a metacognitive blind spot, because of which the repetition strategy works better. In general, during the training should be to create a situation where we are guided by evidence and not premonitions and intuition.



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