15 really important things that is constantly overlooked

Important things that is easy to forget everyday suete

people - not machines, and we can not keep in the head too many different things. We usually absorbed by the cares of everyday life - business, for the abundance of which lost their meaning. Let's digress for a few minutes from the everyday hustle and bustle, and remember that ... 1. Small gestures can mean mnogoUstupit someone the way to the store, make a small gift or a smile counter gloomy passer - all of which can bring joy to another person. Spread positive with small gestures, and see how the world responds vam.2 positive. Our self-esteem determines how we perceive action okruzhayuschihEsli your self-esteem is not too high, then you will begin to believe that others have a negative attitude towards you. Work on strengthening self-esteem allows you to get rid of this world, and begin to consider the actions of others as positive in relation to the sebe.3. Distancing from the situation makes it easy to see reshenieKogda you head immersed in some kind of problem and feel pressed to the wall, then a solution may not be possible. Go to a neutral corner of the arena can help to find a compromise that will make both parties happier And it will happen very bystro.4. Do not take everything as dolzhnoeKogda things are going well, and when it lasts for a long time, we forget that everything in the world - temporarily. Never take everything for granted and appreciate what you have, because tomorrow it may not byt.

5. Do you like it is not vsemVy can be the most likable person on the planet, but that does not change the fact that there is always someone who does not like you. Once you accept this, and will move easily down the zhizni.6. We accept the love that believe zasluzhennoyEsli you think that no one will love you, you really run the risk to miss the happiness. If you are convinced that you are worthy of love, it finds vas.7. At all events there prichinaInogda may seem that the whole world is against you, but all things happen for reasons of their own. For each of them requires its own plan. It is not necessary to assume that someone's ill will united misfortune to annoy you. Matches - it's just sovpadeniya.8. Come to life ulybkoyEsli you smile the world, the world will smile at you otvet.9. Evil men neschastnyNikto not born evil by nature (excluding congenital pathology of the psyche). Those who act rudely towards others, just trying to deal with his own pain, so try to understand and forgive ih.

10. Step back - it's normal for otnosheniyKogda you are in the early stages of relationships (whether romantic or not), you can simply throw them headlong and lose yourself. Take time out to cool your head and think about what that relationship will lead. In the long term, balanced assessment of immediate emotsii.11 always wins. Each success deserves prazdnikaNe matter whether you have received the Nobel Peace Prize or just dealt with the payment of their taxes, take a moment and celebrate their successes. Remuneration - estesstvenno part of the effort, it strengthens your power and motivatsiyu.12. Remove negative people from your zhizniChtoby live a full rich social life, you will occasionally need to be cleaned. Cut communication with whiners, hypocrites and all those who are pulling you down, who takes longer than gives, who sucks your energy like a leech. And move on with their lives in the company of those who lyubite.13. Spend time with polzoyEsli a choice - to stay home and watch a movie or go to the opening of an art gallery, choose what you think will help you grow as emotionally, and in terms of knowledge. Always choose the option that brings the greatest polzu.14. Concentrate on what lyubiteEto important - to know more about the world, it allows to be harmoniously developed person. However, choose the things most important to you and focus on them (sailing, criminal law, whatever). Because it is important to have and the genuine interests, not just superficial znaniya.15. Remind people how much they mean to vasInogda should remind people that you love about your feelings. You would think that friends and relatives and so understand how important it is for you, if they are present in your life? Perhaps so, perhaps not. No one can get into your head and heart, so if you remind them about their feelings for, for example, small gifts, souvenirs, postcards, or simply links to the warm words, believe me - your family will be happy and grateful.

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