How to use Facebook to have a true friend

The guy drove 8000 kilometers to meet up with a stranger, who offered him Feysbuk

Most people tend to ignore the "virtual friends", inviting them to Facebook, but the Belgian student came to Austin, Texas to meet up with a stranger just because an algorithm has assumed the social network that they will druzyami.24-year-old Victor Van Russia was intrigued when Facebook makes his 49-year-old stranger, and designated it as "alleged another." Because they do among themselves not bound, except for mutual friends in the social network.

«Facebook suggested that we can become friends, and I vdurg thought it was quite absurd» blockquote> But as he view photos of the Nile, it is more and more interested in the life of the artist.

«I was fascinated by them. He had a long beard, and he looked unusual. He created performances, paintings of mythical creatures and strange animals. All this is very intriguing ». Blockquote>

In the end, Victor decided that he wanted to meet with Neil, whom he praised as a "very eccentric". He tried to contact the artist through Facebook, and when a response could not be obtained, persistent man decided to visit the Nile personally and ask if he wanted to make friends.

«Nowadays you can make friends with anyone, anywhere, simply by pressing button on the site. I would like to return to the real world friendships » blockquote>

So he went to a journey of 8,000 kilometers with his friend, 27-year-old Bran Van Ly, who was armed with a camera to document a unique experience. After friends got to Austin, they spent a week in search of the Nile, combing the city and putting up fliers, starting with the phrase "you know or have seen this man? On Facebook we said that we could become friends. Please help! "

They even wore a T-shirt on which was a comic inscription "Neil Di Roethke - for President!»

«At first we thought our chances of finding it are insignificant, but then visited several places in Austin, where, according to our information, he liked to be, and finally found someone who knew him ». blockquote> The man suggested that they could find on the Nile aftograf session. There Victor finally met a mysterious stranger, who so desperately sought.

«We had no idea how he would react, and very nervous. But after we explained everything, Neil just laughed and said, "Okay, you found me" - as if he was waiting for us! » Blockquote>

Well, Facebook was right when he suggested that Victor and Neil will be able to make friends. They spent a lot of time in Austin, and the artist has promised to soon put the guy a return visit. After returning home, travelers have mounted all footage in a half-hour video, which is now available on Vimeo. This is a touching, modern history, showing that friendship is friendship remained, despite all modern technology.



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