19 things that we loved so much to do in the 2000s

2000s - it is not entirely our childhood that we spent on the street, but not yet the maturity of our passing on the computer. This is a sweet time when we could successfully combine both. But there are things that we particularly liked.

1. trying to build for your Sims characters real palace, coming up for every room of your dizayn.

2. and create characters themselves as close to themselves and their second halves. And then "fall in love" them into each druga.

3. Listen Avril Lavigne, she adored her clips and dreamed of being the same buntaryami.

4. take care of your Tamagotchi and worried when he was "sickĀ» .

5. Mass bought these pendants with a heart and never inserted pictures to because the holes were too malenkimi.

6. desperately trying to "build" the snake as possible dlinnee.

7. Worried every time Clark Kent approached kryptonite and lost its silu.

8. listen to the CD through Windows Media Player.

9. bought removable panels on your telefon.

11 were read out "Harry Potter" and feverishly waited for the next chasti.

12. Wrote the lessons forbidden erasable pens chernilami.

13. Pokemon chips collected and stored them as its largest sokrovische.

14. show off all the new trendy chasami.

15. Considers each footage kadr.

16. Cleave the streets in shoes on platforme.

17 is pierced navels.

18. Always wondered why no one sees that Hannah Montana - Miley is Sayrus

19. Picked up denim jeans denim color to its denim dzhinsovke.


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