Top 10 archaeological discoveries, putting scientists in Deadlock

1. Stupa Myanmar
This stupa (a Buddhist religious architectural structure), a height of about 7 meters is rounded on the huge stone, which is located on top of the mountain. The mystery of the stone that he had placed on a slope with no visible fixings and very bad adjacent to the base. It is easy to verify in practice: stone swings from a single touch. They say that under the base can hold the rope. There is only one question: how is he holding up?

2. Collection Dzhulsruda, Mexico
This collection Waldemar Dzhulsrud started collecting in 1944, to conduct thorough excavations. At this point in his collection of artifacts 37 thousand! It's amazing, but there are no duplicate copies, and 2,500 of them - a dinosaur figurines. A variety of types is a true surprise: there is also the known species are those that modern scientists can not identify, for example, the winged dinosaurs dragon. Absolutely not know who could have done all of these figures, and it is clear that we know very little about the animals that inhabited our planetu.

3. Abydos hieroglyphs, Egypt
On one of the temple beams, scientists in the XIX century found strange inscriptions to decipher that they did not succeed. And with the advent of the new century Egyptologists have a different look to them. It turned out that there were stamped image of modern military equipment: helicopters, planes and tanks. How can this be, it is still a mystery. Some Egyptologists believe that these strange characters were created by accident, by imposing some characters by others.

4. Plain of Jars, Laos
At an altitude of about 1000 meters above sea level on the hilltops scattered huge jugs, the largest of which weighs 6 tons. They are made of stone such species that are not found in this area. About pitchers, little is known. Nobody knows where and how they got here. Some scientists believe that they stored rice wine, or those who lived here in ancient times. All versions are quite uncertain. One thing is certain: the age of the giant stones - at least 2500-3000 let.

5. Black stones Ica, Peru
The first mention of the findings of black stones with images of strange animals belong to the XVI century. Collection collecting Dr. Javier Cabrera for 40 years.
This kind of "library" of a large number of stones with images of them home in the stars, tools for the study of space, aircraft, surgeries, maps of Earth and other planets, the calendar. On one of the stones - a man riding a triceratops, and on the back of the lizard shows blanket, a horseman holding a smoking pipe. Naturally, these images are not only contrary to the modern view of the history of mankind, but also common sense. Are humans and dinosaurs lived at the same time and so closely in contact?

6. The astronauts in spacesuits
A large number of paintings and statues of various ages, found all over the world, interpreted as images of astronauts, dressed in suits and helmets sealed. You can, of course, attribute it to the imagination of the artist. However, the similarity is sometimes very udivitelnym.

7. Egyptian hieroglyphs in Australia
These mysterious characters for almost 100 years have been part of local folklore, born from the stories of eyewitnesses, they were found by chance. The very fact of their existence would not be surprising, but it turned out that it was the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs! How did they get here and who carved - researchers do not know yet por.

8. The figures in the fields
Scientists believe that risunki- the handiwork of men. And indeed some of them have created jokers. But the complexity, rigorous mathematical consistency of a number of them and a short time of creation indicate that people like, and at this rate they could not create.
According to some reports, figures began to appear in the margins at all in recent years, and at least a hundred years ago. For example, in some areas of China, farmers spread on the ground in the form of rocks similar figures for so long that no one knows where this tradition has gone. And in England there are images on ancient megaliths. And these facts also need to take into account as much as possible to fully reconstruct the proshlogo.

9. White Pyramid China
White first pyramid discovered at the end of World War II, American pilot James Haussmann. And it was just awesome. Its height is about 300 meters - almost 2 times higher than the pyramid of Cheops. Haussmann scrutinized pyramid. Jewelry processed giant plates carefully folded and adjusted to each other. It is not known what instruments used by the ancient Chinese as they were able to move the plates, and then raise them to unprecedented heights. Scientists do not even know who was a true builder of the Great White piramidy.

10. Ancient map of China
This card has bought a Chinese collector Liu Gang in 2001, in an antique shop in Shanghai for $ 500. It dates back to the year 1763, but it has the inscription: "Map this very painted Mo Yi Tong, a subject of the Qing Dynasty, during the reign of Emperor Gong Li in 1763 on the original map in 1418". It is 74 years before the arrival of Columbus in the New World, but the map on the Chinese have shown the Americas. And both coasts - and the west, and vostochnoe.


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