10 is an example of how easy it is to trick your brain

It's amazing how easy it is to hold the human brain. The most complicated "electronic device" controls all our body, but a couple of simple tricks and - op! you already see, hear or feel is not something that should be.

1. The curved lines and colors deceive the brain, making us think that these psychedelic swirls actually vraschayutsya.

2. The brain in the "AF" - one of the reasons why we think that the wheels slowly krutyatsya.

3. And this "multilegged" elephant (as his feet: 8, 6, 5 or is it 4?) - The result is that the brain is inclined to seek out patterns in abstractions and fill visible probely.

4. These orange circles of the same size, but in such a different environment blue circles, they also seem to be different. Just like that violated our perception of scale and perspektivy.

5. Two lines consist of one shade of pink dots, but it seems to us that one line is darker and the other lighter. Cheating!

6. What do you think of flowers in this cube? (In the matter there is no trick, and the answer under the picture).

Most called Seven: white, yellow, green, blue, red, brown and orange. But this is also an optical illusion: the brown square in the center of the upper face and the "orange" in the center of the front face - the same color.

7. thoughtful contemplation: it seems that the leaves gently swaying in the wind (or a picture poured waves) .

8. Because of the dark blue squares you think that the red lines converge. In fact, they are strictly parallelny.

9. One of the most famous optical illusions - "Hermann grid" (named after the German physiologist Hermann Ludimara). Looking at her, you see greyish spots at the intersection of the lines, but in reality it there net.

10. Finally, an illusion created by an expert on visual perception Jeremy Hinton. If you look at a black cross in the middle, then you find that the green circle "runs" on pink stationary. Needless to say, that no green circle in the picture, but there is only a flashing pink? It is easy to see by following the gaze of the circle.


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