Before the train left a few seconds, but he jumped onto the rail For stray dogs

The Moscow Metro accidentally ran into a stray dog. She ran down the platform, tossing from side to side, maybe someone was looking for, but slipped and fell on the road.

High voltage rails, and before the arrival of the next train was less than a minute. At the station there were many passengers - rush hour. People are confused, no one knew what to do, some women began to cry. From certain death to save a helpless animal to accept the challenge police Vladislav Potatuev. He jumped onto the tracks, raised more funky mongrel on hands and ordered the station. The operation took less than a minute.

"We had to do something - and fast. No, fear not ... If I was not in the service - would have done the same thing, any would have done "- says Vladislav Potatuev.

This, in general, the story ends. And it can hardly be called a story - just a man doing his job. But for some reason, you want to be on this ordinary person to know more people, and said, "That fellow, thank you!ยป


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