The wisdom that comes with experience. 9 Tips 40-year-old man over the 30-year-old.

How difficult to be young! By purchasing your own personal experience, every young person is faced with many different challenges on the way. Here are some interesting experiment conducted writer and blogger Mark Manson. He turned to his blog subscribers over 37 years to share their valuable knowledge obtained during the period from 30 to 40 years. Combine all the answers, Mark was an impressive piece of collective wisdom. These tips will be useful to anyone who is just beginning to at least understand something in this difficult life ...

1. Take care of your health
Health can not be bought for money. Preserve it can be only one way: start to take care of yourself right now, without delay. Exercise regularly and eat right. Remember that unhealthy people can not be happy. Age, people are very sorry for that thought of his body before, had no idea that for some 10 years, it may be destroyed. Everything is so fleeting, do not waste yourself in vain, to reduce the consumption of alcohol and unhealthy foods. Do not be careless.

2. Stop talking to people that you do not appreciate
Stop a throw. If a person does not value you or treat you well - let him go. Good relations build quite difficult, but still possible. Just next to be the right person, that you are really pleasant. We used to tolerate, let others deal with a hit and miss - but it is a sign of inexperience. A wise man just limit their communication with someone who does not value it very highly. Try it, you immediately feel how much easier do you live with such a way of thinking.

3. Treat well to those who are close to you
Between 30 and 40 years in the lives of people starting to happen a disaster. Die parents divorce occurs, children are ill. If a person dear to you - support him in difficult times, and he will repay you in kind. You must be able to appreciate the true friends and good people who met you in life. Their unity, but how well they have.

4. Concentrate on what you're good at
You can not get everything at once. Career - is the important question, where you have to make a choice. The choice in favor of the fact that you get better. You can succeed in many of its endeavors, but in the end you need to choose one, the most important trend and develop it. Only in this way you will attain true success.

5. Do not be afraid to take risks
Put on a cross at this age - it is a crime. If there are things that do not suit you - change them! It did not work out married life? You can start all over again. Poorly chosen career? Learn, what you do have the ability. Try to never stop in its development. Years later, you will be proud of the changes that you brought to life today.

6. Learn
Getting better - that's what everyone should aspire. Only the development of its most remarkable qualities will help you to become a full-fledged personality. Learn new, improve existing skills. Never stop! This is equivalent to death ...

7. Stop control life
Alas, how could you not try, everything will happen is not the way you planned. Man can not know what will happen to him after some time, the circumstances are constantly changing, you can not predict what will happen next. This has also a positive moment - so much more interesting to live. You will not be able to keep everything under control, so relax - not to come into panic mode when life becomes unmanageable.

8. Build family relations
It is true that the family - this is what matters. Invest their time and emotional resources is the development of the family. You will understand how important this is when the parents die, when life will present you a surprise in the form of incredible difficulty. Support family - priceless, I know it nothing can replace. Create a strong family - it is worth wasting time.

9. Respect yourself
Stop torment yourself for minor flaws. Be patient with yourself as well as you sometimes forgive others. Do every day something nice for yourself. So you will feel the fullness of life. This is - a healthy ego, and it is necessary for everyone. Life is too short not to love yourself.

Let these tips you will discover a new world view. Whatever difficulties does not fall on your lot, remember that wisdom comes with experience. I am grateful for what fate gives you a chance to get this experience. Getting older, but not an old soul! Be open-minded. Inquisitive mind and sincerity - your guarantee of eternal youth.

Do you know people are pleased to share with them these clever tips. Age - it's just the numbers, the main thing - to be worthy of man, no matter how many years you were not.

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