If you dream of the splits - these exercises will help! You'll do it in 10 days.

If you want to surprise everyone with its flexibility, .cc offers you a step by step guide that makes you sit on the twine just 10 days. All you need - is clothing for training and dedication! Repeat this exercise on a regular basis and you will succeed!

1. From the very beginning needs a little warm-up. For this perfect jumping, running in place, swings his arms and legs or intensive walking for 10-12 minutes. Further, it is already possible to go to the exercises for stretching.

2. Sit on the floor and stretch your legs. Try to get your fingers to your toes. Your back should be straight. Reaching the toes, hold for 20-30 seconds and exhale. Repeat this exercise 10-15 times. Watch your back, do not slouch.

3. Sit down so that one leg was stretched out in front of you, and the second - on the side, at a right angle (90 °) relative to the first. If the right angle does not work, try to do this, help foot hands tyanis whole body. Change the position of the legs: right front, left to one side, then the other way around - the left front, right away. Remember about a right angle. Your back should always be straight.

4. Lie down on the floor and raise your legs just below the right angles to the body. Spread them apart and hold for 1 minute. Then connect, put on the floor. After 10 seconds of rest. Again rises and spreads his legs, pausing in this position for 1 minute. Alternating with rest. The first day of this exercise can be repeated 10 times, then increase the load.

5. In a standing position alternately raise your legs forward by 90 degrees. Do not forget about the back straight. First make kicks by 15-20 times, and then, raising his leg, try to hold it in this position for 20-30 seconds.

6. Then do the same exercise, only the legs must be lifted, and then put aside. First - max, then - hold your feet on weight.

7. In a standing position to make a sharp attack on the right foot forward at a right angle. Do rocking squatter movement for 20-30 seconds. Then do the same left foot. Do this exercise 6-8 minutes.

8. In a standing position, lift your right leg bent at the knee and press it to his chest. Then move the leg to the side and secure. Hand strive take leg as far as possible in the direction. Change your leg and repeat the exercise.

9. standing one foot let down in his chair, a table or a window sill, and, bending the knee, do the movements all over the side of the subject, which was cast leg. Repeat this exercise 10-15 times and then change foot.

Perform these exercises regularly, otherwise your goal will not be achieved. Do them slowly, avoiding sudden movements. Your muscles should be relaxed, because in a stressed state, they will not be able to fully stretch, and then half the cost of energy will leave you nothing.

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