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This exercise is called the plank and it will change your view of the usual training. If you do it correctly, you will work all major muscles - the abdomen, shoulders, arms, legs. Thanks to him, you can reinforce the whole body and be in good shape, not really straining. Secret strips - in static, you have to hang above the floor, resting only on the hands and toes feet. Hold in this position you need only 1-2 minutes, but the result is stunning. After a couple of days a workout your body tighten all the muscles in tone come!

How to correct the bar:

1. Lie down on the floor belly down. Bend your elbows at right angles, to rely only on the forearm and the tips of the toes. Make sure that the body was straight, flat line. Do not tilt your head down, chin off his chest.

2. Tighten the muscles of the abdomen, and not to relax them before the end of the exercise. Do not bend the hips toward the floor.

3. Feet hold together, so the load on the abdominal muscles will be more. The legs stiffened and keep straight. Gluteal muscles should also be stretched. Loins - flat, in any case do not bend it. Blades must not stick out like wings. Abdomen retracted and keep busy, but do not hold your breath - breathe smoothly. Elbows keep strictly under the shoulder joints.

4. Start small - hold on to this position for 30 seconds. Every time increases the training time gradually so you can hang above the floor for two minutes. This is very useful, safe load for all the muscles that will strengthen your general condition.

Option exercise - bracket elongated, smooth hands. Strengthens hands!

side bar - complicated version. So difficult to keep his balance, but in the end the side muscle strain, which is very good effect on the area.

1. Lie on your left side, put his elbow just below the shoulder, legs should be straight. Put your right hand on his right thigh.

2. Push your muscles press and lift hips off the floor until a diagonal. Follow body - it should be in a perfectly upright.

Planck with his hand raised - prepared for the previous exercise athletes. Keeping upright position of the body, as in the usual bar, pull one arm forward. Relying on the one hand, difficult to maintain balance, but the effect is stunning. Repeat alternately with each hand.

Another option, which would complicate the exercise. Doing bar with a raised leg , you increase the load on the abdominal muscles even more.

Take the situation as a normal plate. Without changing the position of the body, lift one leg up a little above the shoulders in the forward state. Fingers raised leg pull over. Hold this position for as long as you can. Rest, then repeat the same with the other leg.

At first, during this exercise, you will have to shake the muscles. Do not worry - this is normal, when the muscles become stronger, they will be less shake. This exercise will make you more fit. Become more sporty very easy! This exercise will not take long, it can be done at home, but the effect is obvious.

Be in good shape and help your friends take care of yourself! Show them this simple exercise, it is suitable even for those who can not stand to play sports.

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