These 4 reasons to convince you to get rid of the junk in the house once and for all. For his work!

Not all used to get rid of old, unwanted things. It happens that the apartment is littered with trash man to the limit, but something even throw in his head does not come - maybe even come in handy, just in case. Collect different objects in the house - a serious psychological problem, named in honor of Elijah syndrome pseudo-hero known work. Picking up everything in your house, the man is trying to protect, to barricade themselves from reality. However, this action only adds to the confusion of his life, thus clogging housing unnecessary things and never ending dust.

Why is it necessary to get rid of old things and cease to bring home that horrible? Here are some reasons that are difficult to argue. Perhaps this will change your opinion about the traditional way of life, can, with the help of these arguments you convince someone of his relatives to stop watching and gathering.

1. In order to appear in your life something new, you must first get rid of the old. The universe does not see the need to send you new things possible, new people, if you have a house littered with junk. What happens in your house, in the end reflects the picture of what's going on in your head!


2. Feng Shui teaches that the old stuff and varied stuff - a powerful barrier to new, life-giving vitality. Because collecting garbage in the house and getting rid of the rags, you automatically delays the development of their lives and at the same level.

3. There is a phenomenon called "emotional anchor." This means that when you wear old clothes or perfume you use that for a long time do not spray, you are automatically transferred back to the past. With old things involves a lot of old emotions and memories that arise as soon as the horizon loomed a thing of the past. But the emotion - it's not terrible, far worse than what there is the old way of thinking, views that were relevant to you in the past. Thoughts form life, because there is nothing to be surprised that your way of life does not change, if you are furnished with junk around the perimeter.

4. When you are afraid to part with the old thing, thinking - leave, suddenly the money is not to buy a new - you're automatically programmiruesh own poverty. It is better to think that it can be thrown away, because there will be money and buy new.

Throw away old things and thoughts in the trash without any regret! If you really throw a pity - distribute. Watch the space around you, it must be harmonious, constantly updated. Live your life surrounded by trash - a sad prospect as live at all times while in the past, remembering what has already been and will never return. Suppose that you would not be so many things, but they are all high-quality, updated, functionally justified. It is a guarantee that the world will help you, but do not pull back. Why do you need an anchor, if you have a sail?

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